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Add {delay:seconds} function in autoresponder#1

An after variable function for Autoresponder that would perform a function AFTER the seconds that are given.
i.e {addrole: test} {delay:3600} {removerole: test} that would basically remove the test role 1 hour after the command was used.

2 years ago

OMG YES YES!!!!! this will be so useful!!!!

that way, if an AR has an addrole … it wont just stay there and it can be taken off automatically instead of manually keeping track

2 years ago
Merged {removerole_time: }#159
2 years ago
Merged .saymsg in <time> [#channel] <text>#198
2 years ago
Merged Variable {temprole:}#208
2 years ago
Merged set time period for role given to user#259
2 years ago


a year ago
Merged Add new variables#366
a year ago
Merged multiple reply ar#69
a year ago
Merged {loadtime} variable#400
9 months ago
Merged role cooldown#529
5 months ago

will people be annoyed if we limit this to a short period of time (<1 hour, and will not queue again if the bot is down)?

i don’t know how to store all the infos in a persistent way with the way our cache is right now.

5 months ago
Merged Button reminder command#574
3 months ago
Merged Add delete trigger delay {delete:#}#583
a month ago
Merged Timers for Roles#602
17 days ago