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change the wording for voting streak#581

“vote at least once a day” is misleading because “once a day” means we can vote in for example 00.01 May 1st and then 23.59 May 2nd again since it’s also once a day. If you need people to vote again in 24 hours you should specify it like “vote again in the next 24 hours” because once a day means we can have another 24 hours

2 months ago

in addition to this, most of mimu uses timestamps! I think the vote message should also do this (ie please vote before <#> to maintain your streak). honestly the vote messages can be confusing since half of your 24h is automatically taken up by the cd (so “within 24h” actually means “within 12h of receiving your reminder”). using timestamps is intuitive and would cut down on virtually all voting streak confusion.

2 months ago