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More Peachmilk Shop Items!#582

It would be great if there were more items available for purchase with peachmilk aside from roles, especially since they are mostly restricted to boosters.

One idea is to purchase pet food using a high amount of peachmilks– especially since this could be a community benefit to encourage more cozies/playdates! Another fun one could be a Mimu themed present box, where you can open it and get a random small reward (like 0.1 stars, 5 food, smaller amount of peachmilk, boost pet happiness, etc) so it doesn’t overpower the value of voting, but sill encourages interactivity!

2 months ago

marking as rejected as server currency and global currency are separate entities; our server shop does not correlate with the global shop

8 days ago
Changed the status to
Rejected / Not Possible
8 days ago